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You are not alone ...We are here to help you.

We here at Personal Life Consulting have dedicated our lives to the care of individuals who are struggling with critical life transitions.  Our clients have been successful people who find themselves, whether by choice or circumstance, in unfamiliar territory.  


Each and every one of us experiences change in life.  Change is inevitable, but change is uncomfortable.  Identity is shifted and often our perspective is lost.  We are here to help you find your direction.  We have no personal agenda.  Your agenda and success is ours.  It is, after all, YOUR life journey.  We help you with your Vision; the lens through which you see the world!  We help you understand the past (how did I get here), accept the present, and identify choices for your future.  We do not judge, blame, or criticize.  Our sessions are private and we value to the highest degree, confidentiality! 


Throughout the many years of working with individuals in critical life transitions

(Relationship Issues, Divorce, Psycho/Social Life Stages, Parent/Child, Marital, Career  Development)

 we have noticed common themes. 


Often what gets lost in the "everyday" of life

(working, expectations from family/friends/spouse/children/society, bills, endless responsibility)

is the conscious understanding of ones purpose in life, values and true priorities, natural talents, mindset, perspective, needs, wants, and desires. 

When crisis and change presents itself unexpectedly, we feel lost and overwhelmed, dazed and confused

not knowing which direction to turn; who to trust.  We lose a certain sense of "self."


We understand.  We get it.  We have been there.

We have helped hundreds of clients and 



We understand that falling down is part of Life.  But getting back up, is Living!  Living well, after all, IS the best revenge!!  Our approach in working with you is from a place of compassion, understanding, empathy and choice.  We are forward thinking and solution focused. We look at the past only to understand the present (not to blame), and we have the education and experience to offer endless choices for your future (many that you do not see at the moment).  What makes us different from the rest?  We have been there.  We have navigated life's challenges, overcome obstacles, educated ourselves, confronted our fears ... just like you have/will.  And the greatest gift we can offer this world is the value of our experience and education ~ to help YOU! 


We are here to help YOU navigate your critical life transition (the emotional, psychological, and maybe legal) SMARTER, BETTER, and FASTER!  We come from vast experience in our own lives and in having successfully worked with hundreds and hundreds of individuals JUST LIKE YOU!  We are committed to being there for you and helping you, too, not only survive the crisis and transition but thrive well beyond.  We have the flashlight and the map to help you out of the dark cave.   Give us a call 203-560-2501.  Calls will be answered within 48 hours.  Promise! 


Let's get started - your future is waiting! 

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"Rock Bottom became the solid foundation upon which I rebuilt my life."

                            JK Rowling


"When you find yourself    walking through hell ... keep on walking"